Servers and Storage are the lifeline of any organization which is technologically-driven. To ensure that the productivity of the organization is uncompromised, you have to ensure that you have a capable technology-partner that understands the criticality of the network and provides optimum solutions.

At TAB IT, we have branded server and storage from OEM such as IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, EMC, etc. We can provide customized servers with processors, Hard Disks, RAMs to meet your requirement. From 1U to 4U servers, from Hexa Core to Dual Core, from high-end to entry-level servers, TAB IT can deliver any server at a short notice. Since these servers and storage are pre-checked by our technical team, you can deploy it immediately at your site and be rest assured of the performance.

Servers on Rent / Storage on Rent Today, TAB IT provides servers on rental and storage on rental to many leading organizations and dealers across India. These servers and storage are generally used for a particular project or are used for POE purpose and hence to rent a server makes financial sense for these Companies. TAB IT offers Servers and Storage of brands such as IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, EMC, etc. at a reasonable cost; thus helping Companies save over 80% of their operating costs.