When it comes to Server Spares / Storage Spares, there are not many players in India, which can provide spares for all OEM products. And, that is precisely the reason why TAB IT has an edge over its competitors. Currently, we stock regular and hard-to-find server spares for OEMs like IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, EMC, etc. We can provide spares like Motherboard, Memory Board, Backplane, Power Supply, Fan Tray, Hard Disk, RAMs. These can be made available on the same day in Mumbai and overnight across India. All the spares supplied are 100% genuine.

We provide all the needed spare parts throughout the entire lifetime of our products and solutions.

The spare parts supplied by TAB IT are only original equipment and produced with the same care and quality as the equipment on our products.

At TAB IT  we continuously improve our product technology which means, you will always be provided with the latest and highest quality equipment.

 We offer recommended spare part packages for complete maintenance and refurbishment of our products as well as individual spare parts.

We secure the future of our products and solutions “We are eager to improve our handling of inquiries and are always open to meet our customers’ wishes and demands to ensure a good customer experience. At TAB IT , we do our best to help customers in urgent need of spare parts and not least to reducing the lead-time whenever possible in order to meet our customer’s urgent inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries regarding spare parts or if you need any information about your spare parts possibilities.”